Hey Ola!

You should look into SNI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication 
to see what's happening here.

Try using check_http with the --sni flag e.g.:

# ./check_http -H www.tekniskaverken.se -S --sni -C 30,14
OK - Certificate 'www.tekniskaverken.se' will expire on 09/22/2018 23:59.
# ./check_http -H www.bixia.se -S --sni -C 30,14
OK - Certificate '*.bixia.se' will expire on 04/24/2018 23:59.
# ./check_http -H www.utsikt.se -S --sni -C 30,14
OK - Certificate '*.utsikt.se' will expire on 05/20/2019 23:59.

Hope this helps!! Just let us know if you have any other issues :)

Take care

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I have a webserver that hosts three websites. All of them use port 443 and some 
kind of forwarding.
When I test this check I can only get one certificate but I have three of them 
to different websites.
How can I set up the check?


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