I configured my app as it's show here: http://docs.heroku.com/s3
and upload the files, but, it doesn't work.

I still got the message
"""We're sorry, but something went wrong.
We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it

When I try to upload a picture (a very small one actually)

the bucket name is correct, also my id key and secret key, but the
problem still.

anyone knows anything else I could try?


before I finally post this I took a look on the logs and I found this
message: "The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed
using the specified endpoint"

I know this is because the bucked is EU based, so, to by-pass the
problem, I created another one US based and it works OK.

I just want know now is if there is specific configuration for Europe
based buckets.

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