Heroku support already replied and said that the Bundles animate
function is currently broken. So this answers my question. The option
for now is to download the bundle and extract it to get a copy of the
code and a pgdump of the database. You could then load this pgdump
into a local Postgres database and push it into Heroku. This is what I
am trying to do right now.

On Jul 24, 2:52 pm, davidvm <davidvargasm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I have to ask it again:
> Since it is stated on the Bundles page that:
> "Bundles provide an easy way for you to capture and restore your
> entire application and database with a single command"  --(http://
> addons.heroku.com/bundles)
> and that single restore command seems to be bundles:animate,
> why does it not just work and restore your entire application and
> database back? It creates a new empty app. Are there any steps to
> follow after this?
> Thanks!!

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