Message Systems is proud to announce that SparkPost is available as an Beta 
email add-on in the Heroku marketplace! Users can now leverage 
the deliverability, scalability, and speed of the SparkPost 
application right from within the Heroku development platform.

The add-on makes it easy to automatically create a new SparkPost account 
through the standard Heroku add-on mechanism, and all billing is done 
through the customer’s existing Heroku account. A free trial is available 
during the beta period that provides for 10,000 messages/month. Paid tiers 
at higher volumes will be available once the add-on is made generally 
[image: HerokuAddOn]

Setting up your application to use the SparkPost email add-on is simple. 
Check out the instructions <> on 
the Heroku Dev Center to get up and running.

If you’re already logged in with the Heroku CLI Toolbelt, here are some 
quick tips to get started:

1. Use ‘heroku addons:create sparkpost’ to install the SparkPost Beta 
add-on in your app
2. Accept the terms of use ‘heroku addons:open sparkpost’
3. Configure your sending domain for use with and you’re 
ready to start sending email in production!

Details about our Heroku email add on are listed here 

This is a great opportunity for Heroku users to upgrade to the world’s most 
powerful email platform at no cost! Of particular interest to Heroku 
customers will be the real-time analytics available through the dashboard, 
the REST API as well as through our webhooks, the detailed API 
documentation and industry-leading inbox delivery.

[image: sparkpost-heroku_platform_screenshot] 

Heroku users can quickly deploy and start sending emails in minutes!

Get started today. <>

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