I write an administer a web app for a non-profit which runs on the free 
level of Heroku's service since they don't have the budget for more.

One of the features they need is a way to send emails to all ~300 
volunteers to make announcements. To protect volunteer privacy, my approach 
was to implement these announcements via BCC addressing. However, I ran 
into something strange: when sending the emails with Rails' ActionMailer 
via SendGrid, the addresses were left intact in the BCC header received by 
recipients; something I've never seen before. I followed up with SendGrid 
support and their response was to use their (SendGrid-specific) API. I'd 
rather keep using ActionMailer since it makes it easier to switch email 
addons (which I've had to to once already when Mandrill discontinued their 
free level).

Any thoughts about what might be going on here, or suggestions for Heroku 
email addons which work correctly with BCC addressing via ActionMailer?

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