Thanks Sanne for the update!


On 11/08/2017 11:31, Sanne Grinovero wrote:
> Hi Rory,
> Thanks for all updates!
> we have several projects under the Hibernate umbrella, so our
> experience varies a bit.
> Let me start with the good news: both Hibernate Validator (Reference
> implementation of Bean Validation) and Hibernate Search (Hibernate ORM
> integration with Apache Lucene) seem to work just fine.
> We had to disable various integration tests as several other platforms
> and tools we use for more extensive testing aren't yet at the same
> level of compatibility, or possibly we need to still figure out the
> right combination of updates and JVM flags to get them working: we're
> in the process of refining that but it's not worrying as it's about
> running different components, our libraries work fine.
> Our "flagship project" Hibernate ORM seems like in good shape as well
> but it will still take us some time to be able to give a thourough
> answer, as many more essential build and testing tools are still
> affected by compatibility issues. So for this one we currently can't
> run the core testsuite which leaves us partially in the dark, but I'm
> optimistic as several key functional tests of the Hibernate Search
> testsuite indirectly rely on Hibernate ORM as well and they all work
> just fine.
> All build issues we found so far are in the "expected changes"
> cathegory so we're not having bugs to report to the OpenJDK; we might
> have to chase several of these tool maintainers. We'll keep working on
> this and let you know.
> Thanks,
> Sanne
> On 8 August 2017 at 11:07, Rory O'Donnell <> wrote:
>> Hi Sanne,
>> Thank you very much for all your testing of JDK 9 during its
>> development! Such contributions have significantly helped shape and
>> improve JDK 9.
>> Now that we have reached the JDK 9 Final Release Candidate phase [1] , I
>> would like to ask if your project can be considered to be 'ready for JDK
>> 9', or if there are any remaining show stopper issues which you've
>> encountered when testing with the JDK 9 release candidate.
>> JDK 9  b181 is available at
>> If you have a public web page, mailing list post, or even a tweet
>> announcing you project's readiness for JDK 9, I'd love to add the URL to
>> the upcoming JDK 9 readiness page on the Quality Outreach wiki.
>> Looking forward to hearing from you,
>> Rory
>> [1]
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