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> Let's not rush things and see what Christian thinks: he should be
> allowed to analyze this - if he has time and wants to - w/o too much
> pressure. I see the last report is an NPE, that's typically not too
> hard to fix so I'd rather try again.

Well, not having too much pressure is exactly the reason why I'd like us to
revert. We would then have time to iterate with the people having reported
the issue without having a last release out there that does not work as

We apparently have at least one person willing to test the WIP PR so that's
a good thing for that.

> The risk with a full revert is that it's never getting fixed: we're
> missing some unit tests for "unknown" corner cases, so I propose we
> put ourselves at least in the position to be able to collect enough
> feedback to be able to (eventually) reproduce them and then proceed
> with confidence.

Reverting and releasing does not mean not pursuing the issues and making
progress on this. That only means we can do it without pressure.

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