I am trying to finish up these caching and stats related changes, but am
currently fighting a few remaining test failures.  In my initial
investigation IMO some of these tests are wrong, but hoped someone(s) else
could check may expectation/belief.  E.g. have a look at
It seems to me that the assertions using stats regarding cache hit/miss/put
counts are wrong right from the very beginning.

But I was hoping to get to a point where absolutely zero test changes were
necessary.  So was hoping to get others opinions.

The test issues a number of cacheable queries.  The first time happens in a
Session in which the just queried entity is then inserted.  This insertion
ought to (validly) trigger an invalidation of these already cached query
results.  However the test assertions assert the opposite - that the
insertion not invalidate the cache.  Possibly the old code handle this
specially (cache hit + "invalidated results") - I still need to dig into
the old code to see if that is true.  But to me, anyway, that seems wrong.
Unless we add a new stat collection for query caching for the number of
times we also considered cached results invalidated due to "update

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