I got an email from Atlassian this morning about the migration from HipChat
to Stride.  Basically they have not gotten Stride feature-complete in terms
of HipChat which is the trigger for the mass migration.  However, they are
reaching out to all waiting teams to see if any want to migrate anyway.
The list of missing features they sent me are:

   1. Guest access
   2. Some admin controls and compliance settings
   3. Integrations with Atlassian server products (the Jira Server app is
   currently in beta and coming soon) and some other popular integrations. See
   all available Stride integrations
   4. User management via API
   5. Dark mode

I am not really sure exactly what is missing WRT (2).  (3) is nice-to-have,
but not blocker IMO assuming it gets added at some point.

I think (1) is the only one that is concerning.  Though TBH for myself
personally, I do not think registering is a big deal.

Unless I hear otherwise, I plan on asking them to proceed with our
migration to Stride.
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