Hi all,

we have these new databases running on AWS now:
 - SQL Server Express Edition 14.00.3015.40.v1
 - Oracle Standard Edition Two

CI jobs are setup for Hibernate ORM to watch the master branch;
connection settings are committed in ORM's upstream.
See the usual matrix configurations in the sources if you need
details, or look at the job configurations.

Jobs are not looking too bad but there are a couple of failures which
will need investigation:
 - http://ci.hibernate.org/view/ORM/job/hibernate-orm-master-oracle/
 - http://ci.hibernate.org/view/ORM/job/hibernate-orm-master-mssql/

I have not setup email notifications, please enlist yourself if you're
interested in actively watching these.

Please be mindful of the restrictions:
 - can't connect from home.
 - there's nothing preventing multiple jobs to share these database so
don't enable any other jobs to use them - at least until we figure out
a reliable locking strategy.

I suspect time sharing is going to be the best answer - considering
we've lived fine without them for months, it should be ok to not run
them all the time.

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