NHibernate is a port of Hibernate 2.1 to the .NET platform. After several years of development it is now available in version 1.0, as free software under the LGPL. The port to C# was started by Tom Barrett, and later picked up by Mike Doerfler and Peter Smulovics.

Sergey Koshcheyev, the main developer of NHibernate, finished version 1.0 in the past months. JBoss Inc. has hired Sergey to join the Hibernate team and to work full-time on future versions of NHibernate.

The Hibernate and NHibernate projects will share infrastructure once the migration is completed. We plan to merge user forums and websites, and further work on shared documentation is already on our list. The teams are also discussing possible strategies for a port of the Hibernate3 software to .NET and C#, so stay tuned.

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