Jasper Floor pushed to branch feature/CMS-10405 at cms-community / hippo-cms

f773d985 by Tobias Jeger at 2016-08-29T16:08:05+02:00
CMS-10410 Uppercase language selection list

(cherry picked from commit b2566f8812da7c2e9d930d35c6d0c5ee731ac581)

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0513bf01 by Ate Douma at 2016-08-30T00:04:45+02:00
CMS-16: cleanup outdated embedded 3rd party licenses (removed, or instead 
build-time bundled)

(cherry picked from commit b24dc50a75b7545f5ef1f9607728739ff0a980de)

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e916dfd8 by Oscar Scholten at 2016-09-01T09:38:11+02:00
CMS-16 fix incorrect escaping of quote character
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ef50c21e by Jasper Floor at 2016-09-01T11:39:33+02:00
CMS-10348 update listview model when group changes

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c76225d3 by Ate Douma at 2016-09-01T16:11:35+02:00
CMS-16: drop useless file

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80a893c4 by Ate Douma at 2016-09-01T17:58:05+02:00
CMS-10390 [forward port  to v11.1] CMS console: remove language dropdown from 
login screen

Manually squashed and merged the changes from CMS-10310 to get around difficult 
merge conflicts.

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a0a7c323 by Oscar Scholten at 2016-09-02T12:54:19+02:00
CMS-10358 loading labels for type column from property file

- - - - -
7911d377 by Ate Douma at 2016-09-05T07:19:13+02:00
CMS-10424: introducing CmsInternalCmsContextService,  CmsContextServiceImpl and 
$CmsSessionContextImpl implementation

- - - - -
7a33ea06 by Ate Douma at 2016-09-05T07:22:39+02:00
CMS-10424: using CmsContextService for handshake and context bridging with HST 

This depends on HSTTWO-3794 providing the implementation and handling from HST 

- - - - -
218112ad by Ard Schrijvers at 2016-09-05T13:29:24+02:00
CMS-10424 Make sure cms webapp logout always triggers site preview to become 

 Make sure that when the cms webapp gets logged out (but console not yet 
avoiding a http
 session invalidation), the SESSION_KEY attribute gets removed, triggering the 
preview site to
 become unavailable as well.

- - - - -
dd7751b0 by Ate Douma at 2016-09-05T13:54:37+02:00
CMS-10424: prevent potential memory leakage when HttpSessions are already 

- - - - -
4adeba05 by Jasper Floor at 2016-09-05T14:57:36+02:00
CMS-10319 don't show delete when delete is not possible.

- - - - -
a577a191 by Ate Douma at 2016-09-05T15:14:29+02:00
CMS-10424: Reintegrate branch 'feature/cms-session-context'

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eeff54d4 by Jasper Floor at 2016-09-05T15:54:28+02:00
CMS-10250 improved tip

- - - - -
bbe74242 by Bert Leunis at 2016-09-06T12:54:34+02:00
CMS-10348 update copyright year. small code update.

- - - - -
9bce5b3d by Joeri de Gooijer at 2016-09-07T11:53:12+02:00
CMS-10428 Remove global grunt dependency, update README

- Removed global grunt-cli dependency of cms by
  adding grunt-cli as dependency so we can use npm scripts to call it
  directly. Updated pom.xml and package.json accordingly
- Renamed README to README.md so it can be viewed in gitlab directly
- Updated contents of README:
  * Removed prerequisites because this is already documented on
  * Updated other outdated contents of README

- - - - -
7cea34c9 by Joeri de Gooijer at 2016-09-07T12:07:52+02:00
CMS-10428 Console: Remove global grunt dependency

- Removed global grunt-cli dependency of cms by
  adding grunt-cli as dependency so we can use npm scripts to call it
  directly. Updated pom.xml and package.json accordingly

- - - - -
2d30ed4f by Joeri de Gooijer at 2016-09-07T13:11:03+02:00
CMS-10428 Point urls in shrinkwrap to hippo registry

- - - - -
b47437e2 by Arent-Jan Banck at 2016-09-07T14:21:05+02:00
CMS-10176 Use next cms-project version
- - - - -
4b581ec1 by Joeri de Gooijer at 2016-09-07T15:53:18+02:00
CMS-10428 Fix pom npm build command

- - - - -
0ed83f90 by Ate Douma at 2016-09-11T23:22:53+02:00
CMS-10431: RestProxyServicePlugin can derive and use current request port for 

Also only change the default rest.uri in the bootstrap configuration.
Existing rest.uri configuration will still work fine, unless you want to run 
instances on a single server.

- - - - -
384c2121 by Ard Schrijvers at 2016-09-12T11:50:03+02:00
CMS-10431 Add unit tests, also for ipv6

As a result, refactored the code a very tiny bit.

- - - - -
5393041f by Tobias Jeger at 2016-09-12T13:56:40+02:00
CMS-10428 Improve README for missing 'watch' in console/front-end

- - - - -
42dbb9cb by Jeroen Hoffman at 2016-09-13T16:49:29+02:00
CMS-10065: [forward port v11] for document copy and move actions, add a check 
for the document type being allowed in the destination folder

(cherry picked from commit 1023c7cf6b7762fa38583d136010c699437729bc and 
squashed bb7410c1311856b93eb1467f0d81b0d5f78ace33)
(cherry picked from commit c787e1c1affef040665a9a40631c77fcb6ae2a84)

- - - - -
c4ca121d by Mathijs den Burger at 2016-09-14T12:51:41+02:00
CMS-10444 Only execute workflow in setMode() when available

The setMode() implementation obtains or commits an editable instance
of the document when the mode is set to 'edit'. However, obtaining
or committing an editable instance is not always possible (e.g. when
a publication request is pending).

We now check whether a workflow method is available (via the workflow
hints) before actually invoking it. The actual mode is only changed
when the workflow call succeeds to keep the behavior the same
(super.setMode() was not called when the workflow method failed).

- - - - -
ab11c28f by Mathijs den Burger at 2016-09-14T14:58:49+02:00
CMS-10404 Use CKEditor version 4.5.11-h1-SNAPSHOT

- - - - -
eae66f68 by Jasper Floor at 2016-09-16T14:13:46+02:00
CMS-10319 Revert "CMS-10319 don't show delete when delete is not 

This reverts commit 4adeba05eacdc6740e3016adedf67775d367b956.

- - - - -
74ef5bf6 by Oscar Scholten at 2016-09-20T09:22:51+02:00
CMS-10450 adjusting JcrPropertyValueModel to always expose NULL_DATE
- added a MapNullDateToNullModel, this model can be used by plugins that expect 
that an empty date value is represented by null
- used MapNullDateToNullModel for all Hippo provided date editing plugins; did 
not update DateFieldWidget as that gets its model from somewhere else
- removed the NULL_DATE mapping in JcrPropertyValueModel
- updated the PropertyValueProvider tests; the original tests feel a bit 
artificial now, but they do cover quite a bit of generic functionality in 
PropertyValueProvider and JcrPropertyValueModel that is not tested elsewhere so 
I left those tests in

- - - - -
192b4938 by Oscar Scholten at 2016-09-21T09:58:24+02:00
CMS-10450 deprecating NULL_DATE and introducing EMPTY_DATE

- - - - -
f26df304 by Jasper Floor at 2016-09-22T13:49:34+02:00
CMS-10319  fixed delete

- - - - -
7e4a6863 by Jasper Floor at 2016-09-22T14:08:35+02:00
CMS-10319  unfixed delete

- - - - -
ea4a9f38 by Oscar Scholten at 2016-09-22T14:31:35+02:00
CMS-10450 reintegrate branch 'bugfix/CMS-10450'

- - - - -
60e07165 by Jeroen Hoffman at 2016-09-22T16:31:48+02:00
CMS-10319 no longer return false in the default validateDelete, on behalf of 
the DynamicMultiSelect

If the refactor from CMS-6892 is reverted, deleting DynamicMultiSelect from the 
doc type editor works again.
 The overriding (and now exact same) methods in MixinLoaderPluginEditorPlugin 
and FieldPluginEditorPlugin no longer needed; also no need to explicitly 
override to false in ListViewPluginEditorPlugin or LayoutPluginEditorPlugin 
since they don't show delete button.

- - - - -
ea731fe7 by Jeroen Hoffman at 2016-09-23T11:58:19+02:00
CMS-10319 Reintegrate 'bugfix/CMS-10319' into master

- - - - -
61a81c8b by Mathijs den Burger at 2016-09-23T15:42:28+02:00
CMS-10348 Move update logic of members to group members list view

The group members list view is thereby responsible for updating
its own model.

Pass the list of permissions and members directly as model so Wicket
takes care of the serializable check. Since the used ArrayList is
actually serializable this saves copying the whole list just to mark
it as Serializable.

Also reduced code clutter:
- Reuse a single groupModel
- Use Model.of() where possible
- Remove the use of PropertyModel where possible
- Remove serialVersionUID

- - - - -
4551f560 by Mathijs den Burger at 2016-09-23T15:44:04+02:00
CMS-10348 Replace property model with new read-only model

The new ReadOnlyModel accepts a lambda function that returns the
model object. Contrary to the PropertyModel is it type-safe, and
easier to read.

- - - - -
8a090913 by Mathijs den Burger at 2016-09-23T15:45:52+02:00
CMS-10348 Reintegrate bugfix/CMS-10348

- - - - -
0d70ffae by Ate Douma at 2016-09-23T16:55:52+02:00
CMS-9626: Add explanatory text to the multi-delete dialog

- - - - -
d48620f9 by Tobias Jeger at 2016-09-28T14:19:12+02:00
CMS-10462 Add locale to CmsSessionContext

- as this happens in two places, I created a utility class to avoid duplication.

- - - - -
05d59fd2 by Marijan Milicevic at 2016-09-29T11:28:03+02:00
CMS-10240 TIFF files cannot be uploaded as assets
- add mimetypes.allowed multistring property

(cherry picked from commit 0bc63a8128d6022ceb2f2ca5a70d45dc26bdb71b)
(cherry picked from commit 18b47b52c869cc2edb6ada5c069c57a91dfaef16)

- - - - -
1dedebfe by Jeroen Hoffman at 2016-09-29T11:28:25+02:00
CMS-10240 copyright to 2016
(cherry picked from commit c24899e5633920da367b4fb2d59a52bd3e6b632e)

(cherry picked from commit 2a2025c5ee98e8d2c1391f8ad875103bf0c34c78)

- - - - -
015dc06a by Jeroen Hoffman at 2016-09-29T11:32:32+02:00
Merge branch 'bugfix/CMS-10240'

- - - - -
83a2c1c1 by Tobias Jeger at 2016-09-30T08:38:41+02:00
CMS-10462 Reintegrate 'bugfix/CMS-10462'

- - - - -
a4310ef5 by Jeroen Hoffman at 2016-10-03T15:53:39+02:00
CMS-10465 Replace hardcoded "\n" by system property 

- - - - -
0f0e46b0 by Ate Douma at 2016-10-10T16:49:41+02:00
CMS-10383: trivial improvement shortening the auto-export delay to 250ms

- - - - -
a798743f by Jasper Floor at 2016-10-12T11:43:02+02:00
CMS-10405 Merge master changes in feature/CMS-10405

- - - - -

30 changed files:

- − api/README
- api/npm-shrinkwrap.json
- api/package.json
- api/pom.xml
- api/src/main/java/org/hippoecm/addon/workflow/DestinationDialog.java
- api/src/main/java/org/hippoecm/addon/workflow/DestinationDialog.properties
- api/src/main/java/org/hippoecm/frontend/model/PropertyValueProvider.java
- + api/src/main/java/org/hippoecm/frontend/model/ReadOnlyModel.java
- + 
- api/src/test/java/org/hippoecm/frontend/skin/IconUtilTest.java
- config/src/main/resources/cms-services.xml
- console/frontend/Gruntfile.js
- − console/frontend/README
- console/frontend/npm-shrinkwrap.json
- console/frontend/package.json
- console/frontend/pom.xml
- engine/pom.xml
- engine/src/main/java/org/hippoecm/frontend/Main.java
- engine/src/main/java/org/hippoecm/frontend/plugins/login/LoginPanel.html

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