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HSTTWO-3877 extra comment with explanation wrt TTL of the second level cache hit

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@@ -118,6 +118,8 @@ public class HstCacheEhCacheImpl implements HstCache {
                 // cached entry: When the entry is evicted from the second 
level cache, it also needs to be evicted from the primary cache
                 // because otherwise in a clustered setup, different primary 
caches can start to contain different
                 // cached responses resulting in alternating pages (per 
cluster node) which is not acceptable
+                // Note that when storing an Ehcache Element in the second 
level cache, the second level cache is
+                // responsible for possibly changing the element its 
getTimeToLive() to a proper value, see HSTTWO-3877
                 final long newTTL;
                 if (secondLevelElement.getTimeToLive() == 0) {
                     // the element got a time to live of 0 (never happens 
normally) meaning eternal in primary ehcache. newTTL can also

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