My first question is what computer/LIS system are you using? Are you a private 
lab or part of a hospital? We are in an academic medical center, have our own 
Pathology coders, but all billing is done by the hospital. We generate the 
information for the technical and pro charges and send a daily file. We have a 
team of 3 that run the LIS for Pathology. We use PowerPath and straight out of 
the box, it doesn’t do billing well. A lot of customization over the years and 
ongoing to keep up with changes.

Seattle, WA

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Subject: [Histonet] Billing Questions

 I've been asked to post a question regarding Pathology technical billing.  
With all of the changes that have been instituted over the past few years on 
the technical billing side in Pathology and the fact that our computer system 
cannot automate  it for us we have been manually billing  our IHC,etc. .  This 
is becoming a real problem since the supervisor and myself are the ones doing 
this and we are also working on the bench along with other duties.
  We are wondering who does that billing in your lab?  Do you have 
biller/coders ? Is it technical staff ?  If it is technical staff, what level  
?  Has anyone been able to get that billing automated?  Any info would be 
greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Vicki Gauch
Albany, NY

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