Hi Mighnon,

I find the so-called competency for all staff, including laboratory managers 
one of the stupidest items ever to be put in a standard (ie ISO 15189).

All staff who perform a test need to be recorded as being competent in it, no 
problem with this but managers as well?

How ridiculous! Why you ask? Well please forgive me in advance for the 
following rant:

The Manager/Supervisor is responsible for instituting the test, training 
his/her staff in the test and importantly responsible for the quality of the 
test and yet His/her competency is called into question?

So how does a Manager obtain a competency record for the test?

1.      Ask a manager from another laboratory (?rival) to sign their 
competency. Could you imagine Donald Trump asking Ed McMahon to sign his 
competency? Since many of us sign confidentiality and privacy agreements, this 
will cause problems.

2.      The manager could ask his staff to sign off his competency. A brilliant 
example of a BAD personal management decision. Why put your staff into the 
stressful position of deciding whether their supervisor is competent or not? If 
they say their supervisor is competent even though they believe they are not, 
then they are forced to lie possibly in order to keep their job. OR in the 
worst case scenario, they could hold this over the supervisor's head (and 
visa-versa) in order to keep their job, obtain favours or monetary gain.

I often wonder whether the authors of this item in the standard were complete 
idiots. They probably never had to face the stresses of managing a laboratory 
and especially valuable scientific staff. 

Absolutely stupid!!

We stepped up our competency assessment by evolving it into a Continuing 
Education exercise, including questions and scenarios for my staff to consider 
and hopefully learn from.

I was then asked why I had not done the same tests. Well I wrote the tests so 
one would assume that I would know the answers - a little self-serving?

Unfortunately I could not test myself when I was attempting my driving licence, 
I would have passed the first time!!

Enough of a rant - please advise whether I am driving up the wrong tree!

Tony Henwood JP, MSc, BAppSc, GradDipSysAnalys, CT(ASC), FFSc(RCPA) 
Principal Scientist, the Children's Hospital at Westmead
Adjunct Fellow, School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney 
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Did anyone have a form for the Histology Supervisor Competency?


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