Hello histonetters,

I have a problem with my MMA plastic section on my slide. I could not remove 
the plastic MMA even if I leave the section slides in Xylene for several days 
with heat incubation at 60 degrees. This is the first time that happened to my 
section for several years of doing the same thing over. I was thinking that it 
was my Xylene lot number so I tried to change it but still does not remove the 
plastic, and then Itried different solvent Acetone, and Ethylene glycol 
Monoethyl ether but still it does not work. Can I ask for help if anyone knows 
what was going on and what would be the best way to remove this plastic from my 

Just to give you my embedding solution was MMA -94% , dibutly phthalate- 5% and 
perkadox 16- 0.5%. This have been my solution for years and I do not have any 
problem with the removal of plastic section until now. I was thinking that my 
MMA (M55909) different lot number from Sigma Aldrich may have cause this 
because even I tried to use the MMA to dissolve my plastic it does not work.

Thank you for and any opinions or protocols are greatly appreciated.

Reuel Cornelia



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