Rhonda, that is unfortunate. It seems with the shortage of histotechs in most 
places that experience would be valued. Certainly you qualify since you were 
certified under the rules at the time. But institutions can set their own 
requirements as well which may be more strict. I wonder if your applications 
are being kicked out by automated programs that simply reject applications if 
they don't find certain terms.  Maybe the managers in the department never even 
see your application. I have had applicants in this situation and work with my 
HR department to have them clear such applicants so I can at least get them in 
the system for consideration even if they don't meet all requirements.

Maybe try to find out real people to contact at the institutions pathology 
department and deliver resumes directly to them rather than thru the online 
application system they may have. That way they can have their HR send your 
application through.

Tim Morken

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I became HT certified in 2004 under the HS degree and lab experience 
qualification.  I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education,, with only 12 hours 
of science.  I am looking to relocate to Texas and therefore am job hunting.  
The problem I’m running into is that without an Associates Degree or Bachelors 
in a Science related field, I am not being considered for job opportunities 
even though I have 17 years of experience (and am a good histo tech and good 
employee with great references).
Is anyone else running into this problem? Does the Histonet world recommend I 
go back to school - or just be patient, trusting a job will eventually come 
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