Given the recent traffic on the list, it seems like a good time to
introduce myself to everyone here, and talk about what I do at Valve.

I started work here in June and have been given the task of working
directly with the MOD community. This means that my primary
responsibilities are to package and release the SDK, make it easier to
use, and work with MOD makers on problems that they can't solve with the
help of other members of the community.

My full time job is to make sure that you have everything they need to
build your games. I'll be hanging out on this list, as well as the VDC,
but you can also feel free to contact me directly with any questions you

So now that the introduction is out of the way here's the part that you
really care about: an SDK update is coming out very soon. Right now we
are testing it in-house and getting ready for its beta release. It will
be available later this week unless we encounter serious problems during
testing. I'll let people know either way, whether it is going to be this
week or next. Once I get all of the details together, I'll send the info
on what is coming in this SDK release to this list.


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