We are pushing a hotfix live for RS 2: Vietnam with the following changes. This is a required update for clients and servers (with the client update to follow shortly).

Bug Fixes



   Players will no longer appear to ‘jitter’ or have frozen animations
   when viewed through a sniper scope


   Fixed the hipped and shouldered spread of all shotguns being
   extremely exaggerated



   Territories Song Be - Addressed players loading under the terrain on


   Territories Song Be - The Cobra has been removed to address map
   balance for the Vietnamese


Shake and Bake Double XP


   As a ‘thank you’ for being patient and supportive of the 1.02
   hotfixes, we have extended the ‘Shake and Bake’ double XP event by 2
   days. The event will now come to a close on August 17th.

Jared Creasy
Community Relations
Tripwire Interactive

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