The update is now live.
The previous build has been pinned "dec_18."

Release Notes for 12/23/2013
§  Improved visual feedback of recoil through viewmodel.
§  Added an option in the Game Menu to disable opening the buy menu with the 
Use key.
[ UI ]
§  Fixed the chat window, radar and other panels disappearing for a few a few 
frames after you die.
§  Fixed a bunch of UI elements going away when you were in roaming spectator 
§  When the other team calls a vote, the local team is notified via chat 
message and no longer sees the vote panel.
§  After voting, the vote panel no longer prevents your F1 and F2 keys from 
working while the panel is up.
§  More messages are now blocked when a player is blocked (radio messages 
directly triggered by the player, name changing text, etc)
§  Fixed a bug causing workshop uploader tools to not show your first workshop 
item in the list.

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We hope to have an update ready soon.

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