The update is now live.


- Aug and SG 553 scope modes now correctly respect players' zoomed mouse 
sensitivity settings.
- Fixed game client unexpectedly loading installed plugins. 
-LoadPluginsForClient is now required if client needs to load plugins, however 
with plugins client will start in insecure mode.
- Added buymenu localization tokens for the CZ75-Auto.
- Player teammate colors now stay consistent throughout a match in both 
Competitive MM and most third party services.
- Adjusted the teammate colors a bit based on feedback.
- Fixed miniscoreboard causing hitches by refreshing the avatars too often.
- Fixed the chat on Macs showing hex colors instead of names.
- Fixed Scar-20 icon not being visible in the in-game weapon inventory.
- Fixed NameTag text field not taking input.

[Shipped yesterday]
- Fixed Classic Static (crosshairstyle 4) not being static.
- Fixed player color arrows being bot colored in casual.
- Fixed letter label showing up over player dots in radar when spectating / 
watching a demo.

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We hope to have an update ready shortly.

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