Over the next couple of months we will be releasing some changes to how servers 
and clients using steamclent.so/dll handle the venerable Source engine A2S_INFO 
message used by the server browser.  This includes the Steam client server 
browser, all Source engine games, and all Steam games using the 
ISteamMatchmaking API.  The purpose of these changes is a long overdue fix for 
a reflection attack vulnerability.

This email is to let you know what those plans are and to solicit your 
feedback.  Fixing the vulnerability requires changing the protocol and will 
necessarily break existing third party utilities that speak the protocol.

Currently, the A2S_INFO packet looks like this:
4 bytes: 0xFFFFFFFF
1 byte: 0x54  (A2S_INFO packet type identifier)
20 bytes: "Source Engine Query\0"

The proposal is for clients to modify the A2S_INFO  packet they send in one of 
two ways:

Option 1: Pad the message with zeros, so that the request is larger than the 
reply.  The passes size is TBD, but it will probably be at least 800 bytes, and 
perhaps as high as 1200.  Feedback is requested concerning this size.

Option 2: Append a 4-byte anti-spoofing challenge obtained using the existing 
A2S_PLAYER or A2S_RULES messages.

Note that both options produce a packet that is acceptable to the current code 
in steamclient.so/dll.  However, any custom handlers might have stricter 
behavior, and will need to be updated to be aware than "extra" data might 
appear after the end of the magic string in packets from legitimate clients.

Once all clients are using one of these two options, a server wishing to avoid 
being vulnerable to reflection attacks could drop any A2S_INFO packets below a 
minimum size without a challenge.

The changes would be deployed as follows:

1.)     First, we will release a new Steam client that sends A2S_INFO messages 
padding to a minimum size.  (Option #1 above.)  Since it takes time for Steam 
client updates to roll out to all Steam users, and for third parties to change 
their code to make queries in the new format, we will not change the server to 
require the new format by default.  However, the server code will be updated to 
look for an environment variable that can be used to opt into the new, stricter 
behavior.  This is so that third parties can test their clients to make sure 
they are compliant with the new server code.

2.)     As more clients upgrade to the new code and third party tools are 
updated to send queries in the new format, server operators may elect to opt 
into the new behavior at their discretion using the environment variable.

3.)     After some time has passed (and we have posted several warnings on this 
mailing list), we will ship a new steamclient.so/.dll that has the strict 
behavior enabled by default.  A different environment variable can be used to 
use the older, more permissive behaviour.

If you have any concerns or feedback about this change, please reply to this 
steam post:

After feedback has been collected and details finalized, I'll post again with 
more technical details about the changes that are going to be made.
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