A note regarding 32-player servers and MvM:

An MvM server will require about as much CPU usage as a 32-player PvP server.  
However, the network utilization is significantly lower for obvious reasons.  
Whether the max number of internal player "slots" is 6, 24 or 32, I think 
you'll agree is really an internal technical detail that would not be this much 
of a focal point in the discussion, in a perfect world.  It is understandable 
but unfortunate that currently pricing models are based on this, because this 
number is equivalent to "players" in PvP.

Over time the smart server hosting company will bring their pricing structure 
in line with whatever the underlying resource utilization constraints really 
are, and whether CPU cycles or bandwidth are more scarce.  I think an MvM 
server will have performance characteristics somewhere between L4D and a 
32-player PvP server.
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