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> Hi Adnan,
> | I have another query. Can anybody know the way to reduce the loading time
> | of HOL-Light theories?
> If you are using some version of Linux there are checkpointing options,
> as explained in the README file. Personally I tend to just have a few
> HOL Light sessions open. I agree this is somewhat inconvenient though.
> John.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last I looked, the checkpointing could
only work in versions of Linux that are now several years old.

Another option that does work is to use machine virtualization software
such as VirtualBox to create a Linux environment you can start under
Windows, Mac, or even Linux, load your preferred theories into HOL Light
within that VirtualBox environment, and then save the state of the virtual
machine into a snapshot on disk.  You can restart the snapshot at any time,
which for me is a lot quicker than reloading theories.

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