The Logic and Computation Group at the Research School of Computer Science, The
Australian National University in Canberra has a number of PhD scholarship
available for bright, enthusiastic doctoral students in the following areas:

- Logic in Computer Science (Ranald Clouston, Rajeev Gore, Dirk Pattinson, 
Alwen Tiu)
- Non-Classical Logics (Ranald Clouston, Rajeev Gore, Dirk Pattinson, John 
- Proof Theory (Rajeev Gore, Dirk Pattinson, Alwen Tiu)
- Automated Reasoning (Rajeev Gore)
- Probabilistic temporal logic and applications (Peter Baumgartner)
- Computer Aided Verification (Sergiy Bogomolov, Michael Norrish, Dirk 
- Interactive Theorem Proving (Michael Norrish, Dirk Pattinson)
- Computer Security Foundations (Alwen Tiu)
- Concurrency Theory (Alwen Tiu)
- Electronic Voting and Social Choice Theory (Rajeev Gore, Dirk Pattinson)
- Semantics Of Programming Languages (Ranald Clouston, Michael Norrish, Dirk 
- Type Theory (Ranald Clouston)

Potential applicants are encouraged to consult the group’s web pages
at and make direct
contact with potential supervisors.

Students will be based at the Research School of Computer Science within the
Australian National University, Canberra. The studentship is a tax-free
allowance of A$ 27,082 (2018 rate) per year, tenable for a maximum of 3.5 years.

Applications should be submitted electronically at before the closing date, April 30,
2019. Further information about graduate research within Computer
Science at ANU, please see .

The scholarships are open to individuals of any nationality. We are
based in Canberra, Australia, the top-ranking region of the 2014 OECD
quality of life survey

The ANU actively seeks to promote diversity in the workplace.


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