Then, may I hear:  what are the values of the functions \tan (\pi/2) and
y=1/x at x = 0?

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What Was Division by Zero?; Division by Zero Calculus and New World

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2019年7月13日(土) 16:46 Ciro Santilli <>:

> Hi there,
> I'm looking, for fun, for a website that anyone can publish their
> formal proofs to (HOL, Isabelle, Coq, etc.)
> The website would then, without any human verification, git clone the
> proof project from GitHub, run the proof, and show a web page saying
> "this was proved based on such and such axioms by this person".
> Once this is in place, we could then start trying to do more fun
> things like "here is a theorem statement without proof, send email
> when it (or any equivalents) gets proved", etc.
> II have been pointed to
> , but this list appears to be
> "manually" curated: someone decides if proofs are good enough,
> controls coding style, runs the proofs manually, so it is basically
> "just" a library.
> Basically what I want is a type of Package registry (PyPI, NPM) with
> continuous Integration for mathematics.
> If you know of anything in that area, do let me know!
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