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=== *WORDS 2019 Call for PARTICIPATION* ===
12th International Conference on WORDS
Loughborough, UK, September 9-13, 2019

You can do this by either accessing directly the Loughborough University Store 
from the link 


or by accessing the same link from the Conference Information section on our 
website www.words2019.lboro.ac.uk.


Florin Manea (Kiel University)
Matching Patterns with Variables 

Svetlana Puzynina (Saint Petersburg State University)
Abelian properties of words 

Antonio Restivo (University of Palermo)
On Sets of Words of Rank Two 

Gwenaël Richomme (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3)
S-adicity and property preserving morphisms 

Aleksi Saarela (University of Turku)
Independent Systems of Word Equations: From Ehrenfeucht to Eighteen 

Kristina Vušković (University of Leeds)
Structure of graph classes and algorithms 


Author(s)       Paper Title
Adrian Atanasiu, Ghajendran Poovanandran, Wen Chean Teh 
Parikh Determinants

Aseem Baranwal, Jeffrey Shallit
Critical exponent of infinite balanced words via the Pell number system

Aseem Baranwal, Jeffrey Shallit 
Repetitions in infinite palindrome-rich words

Amanda Burcroff, Eric Winsor
Generalized Lyndon Factorizations of Infinite Words

Arturo Carpi, Flavio Dalessandro
On the commutative equivalence of bounded semi-linear codes

Trevor Clokie, Daniel Gabric, Jeffrey Shallit
Circularly squarefree words and unbordered conjugates: a new approach

James D. Currie, Lucas Mol
The undirected repetition threshold

Alessandro De Luca, Alma D'Aniello
Characteristic parameters and special trapezoidal words

Francesco Dolce, Dominique Perrin
Return words and bifix codes in eventually dendric sets

Marisa Gaetz, Caleb Ji
Enumeration and Extensions of Word-representable Graphs

Cyril Gavoille, Ghazal Kachigar, Gilles Zémor
Localisation-Resistant Random Words with Small Alphabet

Vladimir Gusev, Elena Pribavkina
On codeword lengths guaranteeing synchronization

Štěpán Holub
Binary intersection revisited

Václav Košík, Štěpán Starosta
On substitutions closed under derivation: examples

Marie Lejeune, Michel Rigo, Matthieu Rosenfeld
Templates for the k-binomial complexity of the Tribonacci word

Kateřina Medková
Derivated sequences of Arnoux--Rauzy sequences

Tim Ng, Pascal Ochem, Jeffrey Shallit, Narad Rampersad
New results on pseudosquare avoidance

Jarkko Peltomäki, Markus Whiteland
Every nonnegative real number is a critical abelian exponent

Josef Rukavicka
Construction Of A Rich Word Containing Given Two Factors

Andrew Ryzhikov
Mortality and Synchronization of Unambiguous Finite Automata

Luigi Santocanale
On discrete idempotent paths

Robert Mercas and Daniel Reidenbach
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