We had a successful chat yesterday
(another one today :-)
- all in real time
- oh yeah we could use ICQ (you will see our ICQ links at the above site)
but much better to create our own.
Most of the code of the first version
was lost
now it is resurrected :-)
New ProjeX Curlchat web site

Hi Everyone -
Thursday, June 3 at 12PM GMT there will be a group chat using CurlChat.
12PM GMT = 1PM in the UK
                  = 8AM in the US Eastern Daylight Savings Time
                  = 5AM in the US Pacific
not sure what time in the Far East... Anyone out there know?
To participate in this chat, you will need to download and install the Curl RTE from Curl Corp. To do this, go to the following link and then select the option to download the "RTE" and then complete the requested information and follow the prompts to download.
Once you have downloaded the Curl RTE, here is the link for the chat:
Also, the tmxxine wikipedia entry has been updated to show a screen snapshot of a real CurlChat session.
Check it out at:
Hope to see you in the CurlChat Thursday!
love and peace,

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