> On 11 Aug 2017, at 17:53, Michael Richardson <mcr+i...@sandelman.ca> wrote:
> Ted Lemon <mel...@fugue.com> wrote:
>> Source-specific routing, however, is an incomplete solution.   Having
>> chosen the correct route based on the source address, we still have the
>> problem that one provider connection may be better than another for
>> connecting to a particular destination, and there may be no way to
>> figure that out using the default source address selection algorithm,
>> or even by using a more detailed source address selection algorithm
>> configured by DHCP.   Indeed, this is likely, not unlikely.
> My problem with the MPVD solution is that it seems incomplete too.
> The example that, in contrast to all other content, is when content is
> zero-rated via 3G but not via WIFI. (generalized to any two uplinks)
> I don't know the source address selection or source routing can deal with
> that problem period.
> It seems to me that we are re-inventing SHIM6, trying in vain to pretend we
> never heard of that.  And I still don't understand why it was killed.

Extension headers.

> But, again, I want to adopt the document so that we can argue about this
> as part of our charter work.



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