Hi Laurent,

> Hi,
> In the Docker Registry I see a Bigloo image:
> calibertechnology/scheme-bigloo   Bigloo scheme.
> Did anybody on the list ever use it? Is it commendable? I am looking for a 
> Bigloo+Emacs image.
> Thanks for any hint.
We started building docker images Hop a few months ago.  The script for
building it automatically is ready (and so simple). As soon as Bigloo
and Hop are finally completed, we will also upload "official" docker
images on the Hop web page.

I hope we will be able to do that within a month or so.  Both Bigloo4.3a
and hop-3.0.0 are mostly ready. Just minor things to be fixed (in
particular there is still a pending Bigloo bug regarding the interpreter
that needs to be fixed before anything else).



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