As weh ad some correspondence in the past, why didnīt you ask me
directly ?

Karl Matys (* Sept.,1st, 1835 Hannover, + 25 Nov. 1908 Hannover), was
deputy solo cellist at the Hannover State Orchestra from 1869-78, solo
cellist from 1878-95; he studied with his father, joined the orchestra
Sept.1st, 1854 as tutti cellist, royal chamber virtuoso 30th May, 1863,
Royal Chamber Virtuoso 27th of May 1865;  retired 1st of Nov.1895;
fruitful composer, composed four concert pieces for horn & orchestra
(also horn & piano) plus another seven +  pieces for horn & piano in a
very melodious style, most inspired  by the horn virtuoso Carl Daniel
Lorenz (this is the ominous C.D.Lorenz) 1816-66.

All these pieces are in my possession & part of my publications. 

The Late former Vice Pres. Of the Internat.Horn Society (IHS) Meir Rimon
recorded three of the concertos with my material. I have got the no.1
Concerto score meanwhile.
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Could anybody tell something about Karl Matys? Birth-death dates,
nationality etc. And something about his Conzertstucke?
Any information would be very useful.
Best wishes 

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