I've seen all the discussion recently about new mappers and I just wanted to 
chime in as a new mapper. I have tried once or twice to make sure that I was 
doing the right thing, but ultimately have not felt confident to continue 
mapping.  I'm pretty tech oriented so normally I would just jump in on this 
kind of thing. I hate doing things wrong and creating work for people, so after 
trying a couple, I was not sure if I was even helping.  I figured out adding 
buildings and squaring them up, but then I didn't know if it was "okay" to only 
do a few buildings in an area and check it back in.

I am getting more experience in satellite imagery for work, so some of it may 
have been lack of confidence in the imagery - I didn't know if I should mark it 
as a building if in doubt, or if I should leave it alone. Again, after seeing 
more of it, I feel more comfortable now, but satellite imagery is a learned 
skill as well.

I've never found a good tutorial that I felt really walked through everything, 
but as stated in some of the notes, I have a hard time spending 2 hours on 
training (although if it was all inclusive and straight forward, I would 
consider it).  I still don't know if there is an area to go for new mappers 
that shows how to do things.

I really like the comment on the feedback loop. If I could have sent my area 
and changes to be reviewed and get feedback on what I was doing, I would have 
done that.  Glad to see people trying to address this.


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