There are thousands of untagged ways marked area=yes.  Most are buildings.

The process for cleaning up is grab a country from

use osmconvert64 to convert it into .osm format

osmconvert64 G:\maps\niger-latest.osm.pbf  -o=f:\maps\niger.osm

you may need to select an area within this to make it small enough to fit
into JOSM.

osmconvert64 f:\maps\nig.osm -b=8.8416511,4.284668,14.2430869,15.6884766

start JOSM with lots of memory this is 8 gigs.

java -Xmx8210000000 -jar G:\josm\josm-tested.jar

Load up the local file into 64 bit JOSM.

Go to Edit, Preferences, validator, and untick everything except untagged,
empty and one node ways.  This is purely for speed.

Validate, select the untagged ways, search in them for area=yes and add
them to the todo list.  Tag them.

Cheerio John
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