On 03/06/2018 12:07 PM, john whelan wrote:
> Do we have a wiki page anywhere that lists the off line mapping
> options?

  Most are covered in the workshop I did at SOTM Asia, which would make
a good wiki page. A brief list would be:

ODKCollect - Collects waypoint that can be imported into JOSM.
GeoODK - Collects tracks, which can be imported into JOSM.
ODKBriefcase - Pulls files off device and converts to CSV file for JOSM.
QGIS - More GIS oriented than JOSM, but very useful
JOSM - Of course
OSMAnd, Maps.ME, GaiaGPS, AlpineQuest - Display OSM data, use custom
Vespucci - OSM editing, can download and work offline.
Mapper - Used to produce orienteering maps, good paper output.
Hootenanny - For conflating multiple files. Has an offline command line
interface as well as a web based interactive one I run locally on on my

  I've also got a bunch of programs on github I wrote. They're crude but
effective, and run on my Android tablet as well. That reduces the need
for a laptop in the field, and gets better battery life as well.
Important when living off a small solar panel.

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> <mailto:jwhelan0...@gmail.com>> wrote:

> I think someone built an off line tool that handled imagery as well 
> as tiles is that still around could it be run on a laptop feeding iD 
> or JOSM on other laptops?

  MobileAtlas. Its a java app, so runs most everywhere. I use it for
producing basemaps for various display apps like OsmAnd, and
AlpineQuest. I can see if it'll produce basemaps that JOSM can use. It
does handle sat imagery well, I also have a plugin I wrote that
downloads Google Earth Hybrid data, which sometimes is better than Bing
for various parts of the planet.

        - rob -

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