Something to think about.  The tasking manager works quite well for small areas but when the tiles get too large then OSM balks at the download size.

What I have been doing recently is downloading an entire country, cutting it up into chunks with OSMconvert then loading it into JOSM with lots of memory.

It works very well.  I can pick up all the highway=road in one shot, drop them into a todo list then correct them one at a time. I have a script that picks up duplicate buildings so the second can be deleted again scrolling through them one at a time.

The other thing I can do and have been doing is to scroll through the chunks looking for unmapped settlements using <Crtl><Down arrow> and I've added a few missing settlement in.  However when I do this in order to keep scrolling in a straight line I don't always add in connecting highways.

If the country download is less than a week old normally I don't get any conflicts.  If I do then the next download and search for crossing highways or ways usually picks them out to be cleaned up.

Now I have an experienced mapper who is interested in connecting up the settlements but they are running on a Mac so as far as I know OSMconvert isn't available nor are my .bat files for creating chunks or loading JOSM up with lots of memory.

I have created a much smaller chunk for him to play with and hopefully that will work.

But any other suggestions?

Can we come up with a more generalised solution?

Thanks John
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