Branch: refs/heads/async_annotation
  Commit: bac9e6eb3ec880f0c59599da5beb2de5c6fa1b93
  Author: John Biddiscombe <>
  Date:   2019-12-03 (Tue, 03 Dec 2019)

  Changed paths:
    M hpx/async_launch_policy_dispatch.hpp
    M hpx/lcos/detail/future_data.hpp
    M hpx/lcos/local/futures_factory.hpp
    M hpx/runtime/threads/executors/guided_pool_executor.hpp
    M libs/execution/include/hpx/parallel/executors/thread_execution.hpp
    M libs/resource_partitioner/examples/async_customization.cpp
    M src/lcos/detail/future_data.cpp
    M src/util/backtrace/backtrace.cpp

  Log Message:
  Fix apex annotation for async dispatch

When an anotated task is passed though the asyn dispatch, we can strip
off the task 'name' or annotation and pass it through to the thread
creation so that it is used when the task is initialized and apex
get the right name. We make use of
traits::get_function_annotation<typename hpx::util::decay<F>::type>::call(f)
to achive this.

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