Hi everybody,

Our ordered cables has arrived and we are ready to perform the last phase
of moving servers form Hermone to Rostam. In this phase we remove Marvin
from Hermione and attach it to Rostam.

The Network and Infiniband switches on the back of Marvin was used as main
internal communication switches for Hermione and we are going to do the
same thing with Rostam. In order to do that we need to shutdown the Rostam
cluster and redo all the cabling to attach them back to the old switches.

Starting on Friday 14th at 9:00 am central, we are going to shutdown Rostam
cluster. We expect Rostam be up again, at least partially, by the end of
the day. Later on Marvin nodes will be configured and added to Rostam
gradually. There may be some hardware issues on Marvin that we need to
check first.

Also at the same time Marvin nodes will be removed from Hermione. What
would be left from Hermione is a single headnode which you still could
login to, in case you missed some of your files. We intend to keep the
Hermione running like this until end October to make sure nobody missed the
chance to take their stuff out.

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