Hey Tanmay,

> I was going through your GSOC 2018 project ideas and I was thinking of
> working on these 2 projects
> 1)Add More Arithmetic Performance Counters
> 2)Create Generic Histogram Performance Counter
> I don't have a lot of experience in parallel computing but I would like to
> learn more about it through this project.

Cool! I think the first (the arithmetic counters) have been implemented by now, 
but the generic histogram counter is a nice, small, and self-contained project.

I'm cc'ing this response to hpx-users@stellar.cct.lsu.edu and I'd suggest that 
all follow-on discussions are done over there. Feel free to post your questions 
on that list as this may yield response from other people as well.

Alternatively, our main communication platform is IRC, feel free to hop on at 
#ste||ar on freenode.net (see here for more communication possibilities: 

Regards Hartmut

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