Thanks, nothing has yet been assigned. The highest priority, I suppose, is
the JDBC documentation, as it is aimed at the user.  You can do these if you

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Just let me know which files are laready taken, which have the highest
priority, and I'll spend some time each day on the one's I am assigend,
sending the results to you each night...

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> There are a large number of warnings reported by ant javadoc for 1.7.0
> Quite a lot of these are simply caused by missing descriptions to
> tags. Note that the source has been through some automatic javadoc
> reformatting, so some of the comments that look correct, are in fact
> misleading. Volunteers are needed to update the javadoc comments in the
> source. Contributions can be as basic as fixing the technicalities or as
> complex as you want--perhaps you can give a give a better insight into
> each method does. If you think we can remove the javadoc comments for
> methods that are obvious, let us know.
> We need to fix things as we move forward. So here is an opportunity to
> contribute.
> Fred Tosusi
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