2009/5/30 Mike South <mso...@gmail.com>:
> I had a Repeatable block which had a delete_if_true checkbox in a
> child block.  The remove_element call that gets rid of the
> delete_if_true box on an empty_row was croaking (this is because
> get_fields recurses, but remove_element doesn't).
> I submitted a patch with a test on google code, but I did the
> summary/name poorly and I didn't identify it as a bug, etc.  (First
> time using google code, I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to update
> what I submitted).  Sorry about that!

Hi Mike,

Sorry, this is the intended behaviour, and I'm not keen on changing it.
Though, you could use the following idiom to achieve what you want:

    $field->parent->remove_element( $field );


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