With HttpClient 5.0-beta6  Classic APIs, HttpClient call will work using
HttpHost with following code, even if initHost IP is different from

        initHost = "www.acme.com";
        destServerNameIP = "";
        destScheme = "https";
        port = 443;

        InetAddress inetAddress = InetAddress.getByName(destServerNameIP);
        final HttpHost target = new HttpHost(destScheme, inetAddress, initHost,

With HttpClient 5.0-beta6  new Async APIs for HTTP/2,  HttpClient will fail
with a SSLEngineException failure if initHost IP is different from

Is this a new feature or a bug please?

How can I call HttpClient in SSL with Async & HTTP/2 new APIs using a
HttpHost with the 4 parameters HttpHost constructor?
(We need it because we are writing a reverse proxy).

Please see two real enclosed examples that can be run to test implementation
Runs have be tested with Windows 10 / Java jre1.8.0_211  and Linux and
OpenJDK 10.0.2.


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