Hi there,

It's about time I inform you about the existence of libhttpseverywhere [0]

It's basically a library that wraps https-everywheres rules into a
c-bindable API and supplies an updater to keep the rules up to date. I
write to you because of the following things:

1) I wanted to ask if I attributed the use of the rulesets correctly.
(README.md-file in data subdir)

2) I wanted to know if you are okay with the style how I wrote the
updater as I am also interested in keeping load on EFF servers as low as
possible. (The updater remembers the ETag of the last package it
downloaded and tries to send HEAD-requests in order to find out if
there's a new update possible.

3) What you think of the project

Libhttpseverywhere is currently being integrated into GNOME Web
(epiphany) [1]

Maybe you know other projects that could benefit from that.

Have a nice day

Yours, grindhold

[0] https://github.com/grindhold/libhttpseverywhere


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