Is this only happening with this project?

The number of images is very high. Does the project stitch correctly
with less images, i.e. deactivate all images and then activate only a
subset. If this works, does your project stop while processing a certain
image? From your initial report I'd suspect the image in the project
following IMG_5578.JPG

You received this bug notification because you are a member of Hugin
Developers, which is subscribed to Hugin.

  Creating Panorama crashes

Status in Hugin:

Bug description:
  Panorama zusammenfügen…

  Plattform: Mac OS X (Darwin 16.0.0 x86_64)
  Version: 2016.2.0.be8da0221960 built by Niklas Mischkulnig
  Aktuelles Verzeichnis: /Users/grischahuettemann/Pictures/Las Vegas 
  Ausgabe-Präfix: IMG_5510 - IMG_5578

  Überblendung: enblend 4.2.1-a1fbf734e58a
  ExifTool-Version: 10.22

  Anzahl der aktiven Bilder: 69
  Ausgabe-Belichtungswert: 14,8
  Rahmengrösse: 17326x8888
  ROI: (1210, 1298) - (16267, 5008) 
  FOV: 230x118
  Projektion: Sphärisch (Equirectangular)(2)
  Verwende GPU für Umberechnung: falsch

  * Mit Belichtungskorrektur, niedriger Dynamikumfang

  Erstes Quell-Bild
  Nummer: 0
  Dateiname: /Users/grischahuettemann/Pictures/Las Vegas 
  Größe: 5472x3648
  Projektion: Gradlinig (Rectilinear)
  Kamerakurve: Benutzerdefiniert (EMoR)
  HFOV: 48
  Belichtungswert: 14,7

  Umberechnung von LDR-Bildern…
  Multiple images output
  loading IMG_5510.JPG
  remapping IMG_5510.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780000.tif
  loading IMG_5511.JPG
  remapping IMG_5511.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780001.tif
  loading IMG_5512.JPG
  remapping IMG_5512.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780002.tif
  loading IMG_5513.JPG
  remapping IMG_5513.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780003.tif
  loading IMG_5514.JPG
  remapping IMG_5514.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780004.tif
  loading IMG_5515.JPG
  remapping IMG_5515.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780005.tif
  loading IMG_5516.JPG
  remapping IMG_5516.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780006.tif
  loading IMG_5517.JPG
  remapping IMG_5517.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780007.tif
  loading IMG_5518.JPG
  remapping IMG_5518.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780008.tif
  loading IMG_5519.JPG
  remapping IMG_5519.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780009.tif
  loading IMG_5520.JPG
  remapping IMG_5520.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780010.tif
  loading IMG_5521.JPG
  remapping IMG_5521.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780011.tif
  loading IMG_5522.JPG
  remapping IMG_5522.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780012.tif
  loading IMG_5523.JPG
  remapping IMG_5523.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780013.tif
  loading IMG_5524.JPG
  remapping IMG_5524.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780014.tif
  loading IMG_5525.JPG
  remapping IMG_5525.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780015.tif
  loading IMG_5526.JPG
  remapping IMG_5526.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780016.tif
  loading IMG_5527.JPG
  remapping IMG_5527.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780017.tif
  loading IMG_5528.JPG
  remapping IMG_5528.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780018.tif
  loading IMG_5529.JPG
  remapping IMG_5529.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780019.tif
  loading IMG_5530.JPG
  remapping IMG_5530.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780020.tif
  loading IMG_5531.JPG
  remapping IMG_5531.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780021.tif
  loading IMG_5532.JPG
  remapping IMG_5532.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780022.tif
  loading IMG_5533.JPG
  remapping IMG_5533.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780023.tif
  loading IMG_5534.JPG
  remapping IMG_5534.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780024.tif
  loading IMG_5535.JPG
  remapping IMG_5535.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780025.tif
  loading IMG_5536.JPG
  remapping IMG_5536.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780026.tif
  loading IMG_5537.JPG
  remapping IMG_5537.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780027.tif
  loading IMG_5538.JPG
  remapping IMG_5538.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780028.tif
  loading IMG_5539.JPG
  remapping IMG_5539.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780029.tif
  loading IMG_5540.JPG
  remapping IMG_5540.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780030.tif
  loading IMG_5541.JPG
  remapping IMG_5541.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780031.tif
  loading IMG_5542.JPG
  remapping IMG_5542.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780032.tif
  loading IMG_5543.JPG
  remapping IMG_5543.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780033.tif
  loading IMG_5544.JPG
  remapping IMG_5544.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780034.tif
  loading IMG_5545.JPG
  remapping IMG_5545.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780035.tif
  loading IMG_5546.JPG
  remapping IMG_5546.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780036.tif
  loading IMG_5547.JPG
  remapping IMG_5547.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780037.tif
  loading IMG_5548.JPG
  remapping IMG_5548.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780038.tif
  loading IMG_5549.JPG
  remapping IMG_5549.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780039.tif
  loading IMG_5550.JPG
  remapping IMG_5550.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780040.tif
  loading IMG_5551.JPG
  remapping IMG_5551.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780041.tif
  loading IMG_5552.JPG
  remapping IMG_5552.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780042.tif
  loading IMG_5553.JPG
  remapping IMG_5553.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780043.tif
  loading IMG_5554.JPG
  remapping IMG_5554.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780044.tif
  loading IMG_5555.JPG
  remapping IMG_5555.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780045.tif
  loading IMG_5556.JPG
  remapping IMG_5556.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780046.tif
  loading IMG_5557.JPG
  remapping IMG_5557.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780047.tif
  loading IMG_5558.JPG
  remapping IMG_5558.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780048.tif
  loading IMG_5559.JPG
  remapping IMG_5559.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780049.tif
  loading IMG_5560.JPG
  remapping IMG_5560.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780050.tif
  loading IMG_5561.JPG
  remapping IMG_5561.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780051.tif
  loading IMG_5562.JPG
  remapping IMG_5562.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780052.tif
  loading IMG_5563.JPG
  remapping IMG_5563.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780053.tif
  loading IMG_5564.JPG
  remapping IMG_5564.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780054.tif
  loading IMG_5565.JPG
  remapping IMG_5565.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780055.tif
  loading IMG_5566.JPG
  remapping IMG_5566.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780056.tif
  loading IMG_5567.JPG
  remapping IMG_5567.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780057.tif
  loading IMG_5568.JPG
  remapping IMG_5568.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780058.tif
  loading IMG_5569.JPG
  remapping IMG_5569.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780059.tif
  loading IMG_5570.JPG
  remapping IMG_5570.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780060.tif
  loading IMG_5571.JPG
  remapping IMG_5571.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780061.tif
  loading IMG_5572.JPG
  remapping IMG_5572.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780062.tif
  loading IMG_5573.JPG
  remapping IMG_5573.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780063.tif
  loading IMG_5574.JPG
  remapping IMG_5574.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780064.tif
  loading IMG_5575.JPG
  remapping IMG_5575.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780065.tif
  loading IMG_5576.JPG
  remapping IMG_5576.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780066.tif
  loading IMG_5577.JPG
  remapping IMG_5577.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780067.tif
  loading IMG_5578.JPG
  remapping IMG_5578.JPG
  saving IMG_5510 - IMG_55780068.tif

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