The fine-tune function does only work with normal control points (because it is 
using auto-correlation).
I disabled therefore the fine-tune button for line control points.

** Changed in: hugin
       Status: New => Fix Committed

** Changed in: hugin
    Milestone: None => 2018.2beta1

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  Trying to fine-tune position of one end of line in Control Points
  grabs the wrong end of the line

Status in Hugin:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:
  When trying to straighten the image, both panes in the "Control
  Points" tab in main Hugin window, one needs to provide horizontal and
  vertical lines.  To do that, one needs to select the beginning point
  of line in one pane, and the end point of line in the other pane of
  "Control Points" tab.  Usually Hugin fine-tunes the endpoints
  correctly, but sometimes one needs to fine-tune the position (e.g. if
  Hugin moved point to parallel line with more contrast).

  But when I try to grab endpoint that I have created in right pane,
  Hugin catches the other endpoint instead. I have to switch panes, that
  is use left pane for end of line, right pane for beginning of the

  1. Switch to "Control Points" tab
  2. Ensure that both panes display the same image; zoom is set to "fit to 
window", all three checkboxes (auto fine-tune, auto add, auto estimate) are 
checked - this is the default setting
  3. Select left endpoint of horizontal line on left pane (start of line)
  4. Select right endpoint of horizontal line on right pane (end of line)
  5. Switch to 100% zoom or more for fine-tuning; usually whole image does not 
fit into pane
  6. Try to grab right endpoint on right pane (the one that was just added)

  1. You grab visible endpoint under cursor, and are able to fine-tune its 

  Actual result:
  1. You grab the endpoint that was last manipulated previously (was added in 
the left pane, and/or manipulated there).
  2. If you hold mouse button longer, it would move starting endpoint to 
unexpected position

  1. Switch panes: use left pane to fine-tune end of line, and right pane to 
fine-tune beginning of line.

  System and version:
  Operating System: Windows 10 (build 16299), 64-bit edition
  Architecture: 64 bit
  Free memory: 1685604 kiB
  Active Codepage: 1250 (Central European Windows)

  Version: 2018.0.0.5abfb4de7961 built by Thomas
  Path to resources: C:\Program Files\Hugin\share\hugin\xrc\
  Path to data: C:\Program Files\Hugin\share\hugin\data\
  Hugins camera and lens database: 
  Multi-threading using C++11 std::thread and OpenMP
  Monitor profile: C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color\sRGB Color Space 

  wxWidgets: wxWidgets 3.1.1
  wxWidgets Library (wxMSW port)
  Version 3.1.1 (Unicode: wchar_t, debug level: 1),
  compiled at Nov 18 2017 10:28:15

  Runtime version of toolkit used is 10.0.

  libpano13: 2.9.19 
  Exiv2: 0.26
  SQLite3: 3.18.0
  Vigra: 1.11.0
  LittleCMS2: 2.9

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