Am Mittwoch, 14. September 2016 17:43:45 UTC+2 schrieb kornel:
> I only test/use woa,  it works. 

Then it is reasonable to update for api-max for woa only. When the other 
scripts are untested, they remain at the current state until someone test 

> Also why skipping several versions? 
> What do you mean? 

Current version of default branch is 2016.3. But you updated @api-max to 
2017.1 (what when in 2017.0 a api breacking change appear?)

I updated woa.

PS: Cite: This itches ...
woa had an api-max from 2015.1. So this was not pressing. Nobody complained 
in the last 2 years... (nothing with "every year")

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