> > Can you be more specific? Perhaps provide an example of what you are
> > trying to do.
> >
> > In general, there are two types of panoramas: spherical and mosaic. If all
> > the photos are taken from the same point in space, it is spherical. If the
> > camera moves (e.g. with aerial photography), it is mosaic.
> >
> > Now, you don't need to do a full sphere for it to be a spherical pano.
> > Doing a single row of photos is a partial sphere.
> >
> > Multi-row (or multi-column) partial spheres are quite possible in Hugin
> > with the same techniques as full spheres.
> Hi Sean
> Thank you very much for your answer, I appreciate you spending time to help
> me as a complete stranger. It looks like somehow I did not post my full
> question. I would like to learn how to do full spherical 360's of products.
> By this I mean placing an object on a turntable and taking photographs as
> it rotates. I currently have a Chinese system and it is in Chinese but also
> does not support multi-row stitching.
> Multi-row stitching should enable me to create a 3d kind of effect so a
> viewer can see the object in 360 x 360 however does not require CAD. Can I
> make this in Hugin? or do you know some open source program I can do this
> with?
> Again, thanks in advance to all and everyone.

Please make sure to reply-all to keep the mailing list in the loop, and
also try to put your replies below the quoted text.

Turntables are completely different from panoramas. The way they work is
by switching between separate, descrete images like a video does. You
cannot "stitch" these images because there is nothing to stitch; they
are each of a different perspective.

Panorama stitching is basically the act of simulating having a wider
lens (or in the case of mosaics, a larger flatbed scanner). A turntable
360, on the other hand, simulates flying a camera around an object.

There is a technique called slit-scan that may be causing some
confusion, as it technically is a form of panorama, however I do not
think it is what you want:


In short, you can't stitch turntable flyarounds. You just need a viewer
that can play your normal images in sequence.


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