Fantastic, thankyou.

Ok I am not sure how to put my replies below the quoted text. But trying.

Is there a program that I can use to assemble multi row 360 views.

I have a program that does single row 360's (fly arounds) as well as the
automated hardware that comes as an automated product photography package
and I sell the imagery commercially.

As such I apologise for any incorrect terms however my focus is not verbage
it is simply to find a program that can assemble a presentation of a multi
row 360 that, when it (the program) pumps out an HTML5 or flash image,
enables the viewer to see 360 x 360.

That to me means all the way around on more than one plane, like a
spherical panorama but *viewed from the outside* of the sphere.

Take for example a shoe. I want to be able to look all the way around that
shoe along its horizontal plane as well as its vertical plane so I can see
the top and bottom as if I am holding it in my hand. UX stuff you know. Its
all about UX in online sales.

Thanks again to all that can help.

On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 5:06 PM, Sean Greenslade <>

> > > Can you be more specific? Perhaps provide an example of what you are
> > > trying to do.
> > >
> > > In general, there are two types of panoramas: spherical and mosaic. If
> all
> > > the photos are taken from the same point in space, it is spherical. If
> the
> > > camera moves (e.g. with aerial photography), it is mosaic.
> > >
> > > Now, you don't need to do a full sphere for it to be a spherical pano.
> > > Doing a single row of photos is a partial sphere.
> > >
> > > Multi-row (or multi-column) partial spheres are quite possible in Hugin
> > > with the same techniques as full spheres.
> >
> > Hi Sean
> >
> > Thank you very much for your answer, I appreciate you spending time to
> help
> > me as a complete stranger. It looks like somehow I did not post my full
> > question. I would like to learn how to do full spherical 360's of
> products.
> >
> > By this I mean placing an object on a turntable and taking photographs as
> > it rotates. I currently have a Chinese system and it is in Chinese but
> also
> > does not support multi-row stitching.
> >
> > Multi-row stitching should enable me to create a 3d kind of effect so a
> > viewer can see the object in 360 x 360 however does not require CAD. Can
> I
> > make this in Hugin? or do you know some open source program I can do this
> > with?
> >
> > Again, thanks in advance to all and everyone.
> Please make sure to reply-all to keep the mailing list in the loop, and
> also try to put your replies below the quoted text.
> Turntables are completely different from panoramas. The way they work is
> by switching between separate, descrete images like a video does. You
> cannot "stitch" these images because there is nothing to stitch; they
> are each of a different perspective.
> Panorama stitching is basically the act of simulating having a wider
> lens (or in the case of mosaics, a larger flatbed scanner). A turntable
> 360, on the other hand, simulates flying a camera around an object.
> There is a technique called slit-scan that may be causing some
> confusion, as it technically is a form of panorama, however I do not
> think it is what you want:
> In short, you can't stitch turntable flyarounds. You just need a viewer
> that can play your normal images in sequence.
> --Sean

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