On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 06:09:25PM -0300, Phillip Allen-Baines wrote:
> Fantastic, thankyou.
> Ok I am not sure how to put my replies below the quoted text. But trying.

This is just standard mailing list etiquette. You should generally also
trim your reply quotes to only what is necessary to glean context from.
See how I formatted this reply as an example.

> Is there a program that I can use to assemble multi row 360 views.
> I have a program that does single row 360's (fly arounds) as well as the
> automated hardware that comes as an automated product photography package
> and I sell the imagery commercially.

See Carl's reply for one such program. I have never used it myself, but
it appears to be what you want.

> As such I apologise for any incorrect terms however my focus is not verbage
> it is simply to find a program that can assemble a presentation of a multi
> row 360 that, when it (the program) pumps out an HTML5 or flash image,
> enables the viewer to see 360 x 360.

If you want good answers, then effective communication is critical.
Especially since nearly all the members of this list are volunteers. If
people can't understand what you're asking, they are less likely to

> That to me means all the way around on more than one plane, like a
> spherical panorama but *viewed from the outside* of the sphere.
> Take for example a shoe. I want to be able to look all the way around that
> shoe along its horizontal plane as well as its vertical plane so I can see
> the top and bottom as if I am holding it in my hand. UX stuff you know. Its
> all about UX in online sales.

I can definitely understand why you might think to use the term like
that, however in the world of panoramic photography (which turntable
imagery is not really a part of), spherical images have a very specific
meaning that is different from what you are looking for.

In general, if you're unsure of how to describe what you want, it's
better to provide a concrete example. Give a link to a webpage that has
one of these object viewers on it. That way, it's not confusing and you
needn't worry about improper terminology.


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