Ok, to everyone, thank so much

Sean, you have been awesome at helping me with my email etiquette, thanks.
Zarl, I am looking into that pano2vr its all good, I guess what comes up in 
google all depends on their key words matching ones search terms. glad you 
showed me that.
Donald, Thanks also, the term you are looking for is photogrammetry which 
is the process of creating a 3d model from photographs just like google 
does for earth view. at the moment that is a little over my head, Im 
waiting till I can hire a younger brighter mind who already has CAD 
experience till I jump in that deep end but thanks all the same.

I really appreciate all of your responses. Take care team.

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 3:53:52 PM UTC-3, Phillip Allen-Baines 
> I assume this is like a spherical 360 but viewed from the outside of the 
> sphere. Can anyone tell me how to make these? Is it possible with Hugin? or 
> is there some software that I can be guided to? I guess my searchterms are 
> poor because I cant find anything opensource.
> Thanks in advance Ladies and Gentlemen
> :-)

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