I'm still having problems getting this to stitch.

The main suggestion that I hear from dkloi is to run align_image_stack at 
the beginning of the workflow regardless of       whether I plan to do 
exposure fusion from stacks OR exposure fusion from any arrangement. Does 
this not defeat the purpose  of exposure fusion from any arrangement? Here 
is what I mean:

Given: Images were shot like this.


What is being proposed: make stacks, even though images were not taken as 
stacks per flow diagram above. Like this, repeated for all the "stacks":


Then I have two options:

a) exposure fusion from any arrangement (as if moving from ais images, DOWN)
b) exposure fused from stacks (as if moving from ais images to RIGHT)


The problem with this approach is that align_image_stack cannot identify 
control points for the image DSC_8625.tif which match with the rest of the 
"stack" (DSC_8632.tif, DSC_8633.tif, DSC_8625.tif). I had originally 
intended this fusion to happen via any arrangement. I didn't think that 
individual images had to be ligned up.

I've tried playing with the parameters of align_image_stack but it's not 
able to make control points DSC_8625.tif no matter what I use. E.g. 

    align_image_stack -v -d -i -x -y -z -C --use-given-order -g 40 -a ais 
../DSC_8633.tif ........

I suspect that DSC_8625.tif does not lign up because the image is 
translated too much.

T. Modes, have I interpret the *exposure fused from any arrangement *workflow 
wrong? How would this problem be dealt with?

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